The Main Challenge:

The Goal:

Our main challenge is to "reboot" learning.

Participants will work in teams to build a prototype of an app, game, web site or device that tackles issues people may face with remote learning. Using design thinking, students learn how to develop new ideas and design technology that will improve life and productivity for the many people learning and working remotely during the pandemic.

Light Bulb

The Submission:

What should your team include in a submission

Teams must develop a tool or product they can present and demo to judges using some comprehensize presentation. Here are the questions that you must consider:

  • What specific challenge is the submission tackling? In other words, what is your product supposed to do?

  • Who is specifically helped by this?

  • How does that it work, and what technology is leveraged to accomplish your goal?

  • What are the next steps for this tool?

The Beginner Challenge:

The Goal:

The goal of this challenge is for participants to go from zero to hero.

If you don't have any coding experience, don't fear! The goal of this challenge is to attend all of our workshops on the Saturday of the hackathon. Applying everything you learned, create something with your new-found skills and knowledge. Keep track of everything you have learned, and showcase it to judges in a slideshow. You are still invited to try to tackle the main challenge, but the stakes are lower. This challenge is meant for participants with zero coding experience. Every member of your team must meet these qualifications.


The Submission:

What should your team include in a submission

Teams must keep track of everything they learn in workshops, or on their own during the duration of the hackathon. These concepts must be applied to create some tool or idea to present to judges in a comprehensive presentation. Questions team must consider:

  • What was the most interesting thing you learned today?

  • How did you apply this knowledge?

  • What are the next steps for your team in your coding journey? What do you want to learn next?

Innovation Challenge

Best Idea and overall presentation

Echo AR Award

Build the best AR/VR application using the echoAR platform!

People's Choice

Project with the most votes from participants